Maths on the Move is a unique and innovative programme, combining maths and sports. Find out more about how this programme can help boost your pupils attainment and confidence in Maths.


Pro Sport Coaching delivers tailored and personalised programmes that are designed to meet the needs of each and every school we work with.

Recent research shows that only half of seven year olds are meeting physical activity guidelines. They are sedentary for six hours or more each day. This is creating long-term issues for children’s future health and wellbeing. Inactivity may also lead to problems at school. Behaviour issues, poor concentration levels and low attendance due to sickness can be linked partly to low levels of physical activity.

Since 2006 we have offered a diverse range of programmes, covering all areas of the PE Curriculum. If you want to improve the quality of PE and sport in your school, take a whole school approach to physical activity and invest your Primary PE and School Sport Premium wisely, you can be confident that Pro Sport Coaching will help you achieve your goals.

Your school’s staff can also benefit through our training and professional development programme, giving your team the skills and confidence to enhance and improve your PE, school sport and physical activity offer

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