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Pools to Schools

Pools to Schools is a unique opportunity for schools to bring swimming to them, rather than them having to go to the pool!


The national guidelines state that all pupils should be able to swim 25m by the time they leave for secondary school, and we understand the headaches many schools face to achieve this when taking into account travel logistics, staffing ratios and lost learning time.


Pro Sport deliver Elite Swimming’s  Pools to Schools programme in Lancashire, bringing a heated swimming pool to school settings thereby giving each child the opportunity to receive high quality swimming lessons without having to leave the school premises.


We create bespoke packages to suit the needs of each school, whilst also providing detailed reports that assess each pupil’s progress.


What’s included


  • All equipment: Heated and filtered pool, marquee, chemicals, safety equipment, risk assessments and insurance.
  • Provision: Level 2 Swimming teacher and lifeguard.
  • Duration: 2 weeks/4 weeks/6 weeks depending on each school’s requirements.


To find out more about Pools to Schools, or to bring a swimming pool to your school, get in touch today for a personalised quotation.