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Playground Activators

The UK government expects every primary school to help their pupils achieve 30 mins of physical activity during the school day.

With children spending up to 20% of their school day on the playground, we need to make better use of this time and help all children engage in positive physical activity experiences.

Playground Activator is a Sports Leaders UK accredited training programme which upskills your workforce to help your pupils be more active, more often.

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Physical Activity

Currently, just 23% of boys and 20% of girls meet the recommended 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity each day. For many children in your school, the school day provides the only opportunity to be active.


Tight budgets have resulted in schools struggling to identify ways in which they can engage children in activity and boost health and wellbeing throughout the school day. As a result, non-teaching staff are often used to supervise children on the playground. Yet most receive little or no training.


In so many schools children become bored in the playground and football dominates, mainly because there isn’t anything else to do. Our risk-averse culture and play equipment that usually includes balls, skipping ropes and a few hoops, often means there is little to stimulate our pupils’ imagination.

Pupil Behaviour

These common problems lead to a high level of lunchtime incidents and accidents. Lunchtime supervisors are often left to try and resolve petty arguments that can end up carrying over into the classroom.


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