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Mini Me Yoga

Mini Me Yoga is focused on bringing the joy of yoga into a child’s life through a simple and fun programme. The practise of yoga can have excellent benefits to both children and adults’ mental health and general well-being.

The programme also focuses on positive thinking, mindfulness and meditation, with benefits such as:

  • improved concentration
  • increased confidence
  • relieved anxiety
  • improved flexibility
  • enhanced focus

The Mini Me Yoga programme can be delivered to children in the classroom, nursery or community setting. We also offer a range of Mini Me Yoga CPD workshops that can be delivered to teachers and child care providers, giving them the knowledge to deliver Mini Me Yoga sessions themselves.

Foundation Workshop

During this 2 hour CPD workshop, you will discover:

  • How to use the Physical and Emotional benefits of Yoga
  • Emotional management tools that you can use in the classroom
  • Meditation and Mindfulness to build resilience
  • To teach the children life long skills in well-being

A great opportunity to build well-being and resilience exercises into the curriculum.

Each attendee receives:

  • An accredited CPD certificate
  • A 14-card pack of Yoga poses – a fantastic visual teaching aid
  • Handouts, with an easy to follow programme
  • Access to our e-learning programme, should you want a refresher

Explorer Workshop

A follow on to the Foundation Workshop, this 2 hour CPD workshop helps attendees:

  • Learn a whole new set of poses and themes
  • Explore mindfulness, yoga and emotional management tools
  • Create 15 fun yoga classes for children using engaging games and exercises

In this action packed, information filled workshop, you leave with 15 easy lesson plans which you can start delivering to your pupils right away.

Each attendee receives:

  • An accredited CPD certificate
  • A set of 14 Explorer Club Yoga cards
  • A manual to support building 15 x 15 – 45 minute themed Yoga classes

Meditation Workshop

This 2 hour CPD Workshop will give teachers the skill set to deliver meditation classes anytime during the school day, whether it’s 15 minutes at the start of a day, after lunch or for a full lesson.

There are many benefits of meditation for children, such as:

  • Improved confidence
  • Enhanced focus
  • Controlling emotions
  • Adaptable
  • Helps raise IQ
  • Reduces anxiety

Each attendee receives:

  • An accredited CPD certificate
  • Meditation manual with scripts and guided visualisations
  • Specially created Mandalas to use with every age group

Chair Yoga Workshop

Take Yoga into the classroom with this 90 minute Workshop, where you will learn all 14 poses for Chair Yoga, enabling classes to take place when the hall is unavailable, during wet play or if your class is missing out on PE in the hall due to staggered lunchtimes.

Each attendee receives:

  • An accredited CPD certificate
  • A pack of A4 Chair Yoga cards
  • An A3 poster for the classroom