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Marathon Kids

Marathon Kids is an exciting programme from the charity Kids Run Free that gives primary school children the opportunity to run or walk the distance of up to four marathons throughout the school year.

The programme puts the emphasis on personal achievement of each individual child rather than competition, and empowers children of all fitness levels to set and reach goals.

Marathon Kids is a great way to helping ensure your pupils achieve the government’s recommended 30 minutes of physical activity during the school day, and it is easy to implement straight away!

The programme is simple. Children run laps of either the playground or sports field and laps are recorded with an elastic band. Each lap is logged and over time the children build up their laps until the distance is equal to that of a marathon.

All schools need to do is register with Marathon Kids and set up their profile on the Digital Tracking System. Here you can track pupil progress, set goals and rewards the children’s efforts.

The Marathon Kids programme is FREE to all schools and we can help you find the best ways to implement it within school and take care of the monitoring and tracking on your behalf.