Intra-School Competitions

Pro Sport Coaching can plan and deliver all-inclusive intra-school competitions for your pupils, providing all staff and equipment to run fun and organised events.

Intra-school competitions give all pupils the opportunity to compete within school in multiple sports, increasing their sense of ownership, belonging and progress.

By hiring Pro Sport Coaching to deliver your intra-school competitions, you not only remove time and pressure from your teachers, you will also meet the criteria to obtain or enhance your school games mark.

Inter-School Competitions

Pro Sport Coaching run inter-school competitions for local primary schools offering additional organised and competitive opportunities for pupils.

Officiated by our team of experienced and qualified coaches, ensuring rules and scores are fairly applied, Pro Sport Coaching competitions run throughout the academic year in multiple sports. This gives your selected children the platform to compete against other local primary schools and helps your school to obtain or enhance your school games mark.