What is Pools to Schools?

Developed by Elite Swimming, ‘Pools to Schools’ provides schools with the opportunity to teach a bespoke on-site swimming programme to pupils, removing headaches around travel and cost of transport, time out of school and limited pool availability.

We build a 10m x 5.4m heated swimming pool and marquee on your site and create a bespoke timetable to give all year groups the opportunity to receive high quality swimming lessons.

The ‘Pools to Schools’ programme gives pupils the best opportunity of achieving the national guidelines of swimming 25m by the time they leave for secondary school. We assess all pupils and provide schools with a detailed report for your sports premium and Ofsted reports.

Schools can target specific pupils, give all children in school the opportunity to swim or run extra curricular lessons for pupils who need additional support. 

Lessons are delivered by Level 2 swimming instructors and supervised by a qualified lifeguard, with all relevant insurances, risk assessments and policies in place.

It takes approximately one week to build the marquee, assemble, fill and heat the pool, prior to pupils swimming in lessons of up to 40 minutes for anything from 2 – 6 weeks depending on the size of your school. At the end of the booking, the pool is emptied, dismantled and moved off site.

Over 250 schools across the UK are currently taking part in the ‘Pools to Schools’ programme, with a proven track record of increasing the success rates of Year 6 pupils being able to achieve 25m before leaving primary school.

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