arrowApplying Values – A Vital Programme For All Schools!

You may have seen the exciting release of our brand new active PSHE programme, Applying Values on our social media and in your inbox, but do you really know what it is and how it can benefit your pupils? This blog is here to help! We will talk you through the need for a PSHE focus in primary schools, particularly following the tumultuous year we’ve had, as well as giving a breakdown of the programme and even a promo video to show you just what to expect.

Like the rest of us, children have struggled throughout the last year and top experts have warned of a surge of child mental health cases now schools have fully reopened. They have even gone so far as to call it a ‘crisis on top of a crisis’. Mental health charities have reported seeing a 70% increase in demand for their services just in the last three months. Whilst children’s mental health and wellbeing have been on the agenda for a while now, the Covid pandemic seems to have pushed this to the forefront. This is proven with the government announcing a huge injection of money into the school system for boosting the mental health of children and young people, PSHE is a subject being valued now more than ever.

Children learn best through movement. As they engage their whole body in the learning process, they are increasing their focus and attention, boosting their confidence and motivation. So, at Pro Sport Coaching, we believe we are in a unique position to offer a programme to schools that combines this power of physical activity with the development of the holistic child. There are many aspects of a child’s development that can be learnt alongside physical movement, so we decided to focus on the 6 values we felt were most important to a child’s personal, emotional and social growth. This is how Applying Values was born!

Applying Values is a six week programme aimed at Year 5 and 6s, focusing on 6 values – kindness, teamwork, respect, diversity, leadership and resilience – and applying them to everyday life as well as to sport. Our sessions take place over two hours, split across the classroom and the hall or outside. Your pupils will delve into one value a week, working to gain a full understanding of the concept before applying their learning to a games-based physical activity session. We felt it was important this programme was backed with experience and expert knowledge, so this programme was designed by a qualified teacher and former PSHE lead to ensure the highest quality experience and learning for all your students.

The children who take part in the programme will complete pre and post questionnaires to track their progress and understanding, with this real-life data given to you to prove the value and impact the programme will have had on your pupils.

We have created exceptional tailor-made resources for this programme, including individual booklets for all pupils and impactful videos demonstrating each value in a fun, engaging way.

Applying Values is a purpose-built programme helping children develop key skills and understanding to aid them as they move through life. Every school would benefit from this programme!

See our short video to give you a taster.

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