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Autumn Term Reflection


With an extremely well-deserved Christmas break just around the corner, we thought now would be a good time to have a look back at a strange, but successful Autumn Term here at Pro Sport Coaching. We have always prided ourselves on the strong relationships we have with our partner schools, and this has only been proven through the continuation of our delivery during the constant uncertainty surrounding the use of external providers like us during this pandemic. We have continued to work in over 30  schools across Lancashire, with over 7000 children, delivering an average of 275 sessions per week. Even without a global pandemic, we see this as a great achievement!

As you know, we offer a huge range of programmes and initiatives in our schools, so let’s shine a light on some of our particular successes from the last four months:

Quality Assurance Visits

“Children have had something really positive to try during very restricted times, whilst keeping up their fitness”!

With schools settling in, we started quality assuring our session delivery through school visits and lesson observations in Autumn 2. We were blown away with the quality and adaptability of our team’s delivery. The schools have been noticing this too, with adaptability mentioned as a key positive in our Autumn review survey. It was also clear to see during these visits that the enthusiasm levels from the coaches and the receptiveness from the children to acquire new skills and apply their learning was at an all time high.

The Wider School Impact

We have heard from schools the positive impact our sessions are having on the wider school day. It has been particularly apparent through our Maths On The Move programme, where schools have reported seeing quicker recall of multiplication facts, improved confidence and progression of skills outside of these sessions! Over 50% of our schools have invested in the Mini Me Yoga sessions, with schools reporting on great feedback from their staff on the impact these sessions are having throughout the day.

Delivery Team CPD

This year we felt it was important to put into place a rigorous CPD programme for our team, to aid delivery and self-development. We have planned at least one session per half-term for the whole team to take part in. When designing the programme, we listened to feedback we received from schools for areas of development and ensured we included them in the timetable. We have covered planning and behaviour management so far this term, with topics such as the Early Years curriculum and confident delivery coming up in the spring. We hope you are starting to see the impact of these sessions in your school.


The Pro Sport 50km Challenge

For the first time ever, we ran a competition for our partner schools to win a virtual visit from a member of the Team GB Olympic team! Not only is Aly Dixon an Olympian, but also the current 50km World Champion! The challenge was set for schools to run 50km during the week beginning 23rd November, with some schools far exceeding this distance. We decided to award two schools the winning prize, with St Joseph’s, Hurst Green and St James, Clitheroe the lucky schools plucked from the ballot! Thank you to every school that got involved. We can’t wait for the virtual visits to take place.

Association for PE Business Associates

We are delighted to announce that we have been successful in our application to become business associates with the Association for PE (afPE). afPE are the representative agency of choice for people and organisations delivering or supporting the delivery of physical education, school sport and physical activity in educational contexts and in the wider community. Becoming business associates means we are recognised as a high quality provider working to achieve the best possible outcomes for young people. We are the only coaching organisation to hold this status within Lancashire.


Moving into the Spring Term, we are looking forward to continuing our high quality delivery and welcoming more schools to the Pro Sport Coaching family. Over 75% of our work in schools has come directly from word of mouth, so if you have had a positive experience with us then let your clusters know!

Have a fantastic Christmas break – we will be ready and raring to go in January!