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Pro Sport Coaching Schools Sports Tournaments

Inviting all the schools in the area to join in!

Our aim is to help increase the increase the number of competitive opportunities for schools within the Ribble Valley and
allow children to engage in fun and inclusive sports. 
The first tournament is Handball – being held on Monday 23rd October at Roefield Leisure
Schools can enter teams of 5 players plus 2 subs – players should be aged 5-6 years. 
Also, schools can enter more than one team for each tournament!

Schools! Register for a place in the Handball tournament in our online shop here.


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Handball is a fun, fast and competitive game played between two teams, combining skills and rules from popular sports such as Basketball, Football and Netball. The object of the game is to simply score more goals than the other team by shooting into a net positioned at each end of the court.





The National sport, Football, is a fun, fast and competitive game played between two teams and loved by all. An inclusive sport, Football creates opportunities for everyone to take part regardless of age, gender or ability.

diddy dribblers