arrowEncouraging Primary School Passion for Sport

Nicky Morgan, the Education Secretary, recently highlighted the benefits to children of sport in schools in this Telegraph article.

Working with Primary Schools is at the heart of Pro Sport Coaching – all our coaches say that what they love about their job is working with children in schools, encouraging and developing their engagement with sport.  Playing and learning different sports encourages a healthy lifestyle and an energetic mind – as Mrs Morgan said: “School sport and team games don’t just help children stay healthy, they help build character, resilience and grit – the very traits we need young people to develop.”

We agree! This is our core philosophy and we support Primary Schools to make this important for their children with the work that we do.

We’ve worked with some of our schools for years and are proud of the relationships we build (and the nice things they say about us!).

Here’s one from St Joseph’s RC Primary, Hurst Green.

“It is always a pleasure to work with Adam and his staff at Pro Sport Coaching. 

The coaching team are very professional and have a kind and thoughtful manner with the children. 

They are extremely reliable and flexible and have always been able to help out at short notice. “

St. Joseph’s RC Primary, Hurst Green

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