arrowWhen you can’t get outside…

At Pro Sport Coaching, we take a holistic approach to sports education and build into our lesson plans time for our children to reflect on their learning in the activities. We have some great class discussion times – for example, about the importance of teamwork, or the rules of each sport. 

Today, in our PE lesson at Barrow Primary School, we had a perfect opportunity to do just this – the weather was too wet to go outside and the school hall was being prepared for the Nativity, so we were confined to the classroom. 

This term, we’ve focussed on Football and Handball in our PE lesson and we spent today’s classroom session discussing what the children had learned, reviewing the rules and finding out what they liked about these sports.

The results were some amazing posters, produced by the children to show what they’ve learned. 

IMG_3227 IMG_3229


diddy dribblers