arrowAu revoir, notre amis de Paris!


We’ve just come to the end of a week of glorious sunshine at Stonyhurst College with 78 children from a school near Paris. Pro Sport has been working with a French company, Class Open, which brought the Year 6 children to England for a week of English lessons and sporting activities.

All the children were excited to be staying in the fabulousness of Stonyhurst College and we made sure that we took advantage of the surroundings (and the weather) with games and walks in the gardens and grounds.

Pro Sport provided all the teaching resources, with English teachers for the morning sessions and our sports coaches taking the afternoon sports sessions. We made the classes as fun and varied as possible, with practical sessions involving movement and dance, food tasting and creating and performing their own short plays.

It was a great week and we hope the Class Open students enjoyed their time here as much as we enjoyed having them!

Sports at Stonyhurst with Class Open students 3
Class Open afternoon sports at Stonyhurst

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